About Us


Tea. Other than being strongly synonymous with Japanese Lifestyle, it also plays an important role as a daily nutritional component. Since its foundation, our parent company; RYUFU MIZUNOSHOUTEN Co. , Ltd. has been solely determined to produce the Most delicious, Convenient and Safe tea. Until now, we are persistently growing and contributing to the Food & Beverage Development Industry with numerous other well-known industry players devoted to deliver the best tea beverage through our experience and cutting-edge technology and facilities. We deeply believe in efficiency at every level while constantly driven to improve. Now as the globalization and technological advancement grows further, we strive to meet the demands and expectations of our customers for a safe, quality and affordable product.

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified company, we aim to complement with domestic market while also act as a manufacturer to develop with our own brand to compete on the international market level. This way, our Most delicious, Convenient and Safe products can be shared and enjoyed all over the world.

Henceforward, we sincerely expect all of your kind support and monitor.



Takashi Mizuno founded own business by trading Green Tea at Chikusa, Nagoya City.


Manufactre of Mugi Tea was started.


Tea Bag Packing Machines were installed for promotion of Multi-products.


RYUFU MIZUNOSHOUTEN CO,. LTD. was founded. Capital: 10,000,000 YEN. President of Organization was replaced by TOSHIO MIZUNO. Packing Department was moved to Kasugai City. More facilities were installed.


IMA Tea Bag Packing Machines were installed. System of manufacturing high quality tea bag was established.


The factory was moved to Fumitu, Komaki City.


ROTARY Tea Bag Packing Machines were installed. System of large amount of production was established.


The factory was transferred to Haguroshinden, Inuyama City.


Cleanrooms were set up to deal with Instant and Powder tea filling processing. Stick Packing Machines and Meter Auger were installed.


Cleanroom Factory for Instant powder filling processing was established in Ouguchi. Cleanroom facilities in Inuyama factory were moved into Ouguchi factory.


Inuyama factory ang Ouguchi factory were combined in March. (Correspond with HACCP, extending to 2300m2, Floor space 4700m2) The factory of exclusive for coffee bag in Ouguchi was established and named as RYUFU THE SECOND FACTORY.


Qualified for ISO 9001 in JUNE.


Fixed temparature Storehouse (825m2) and Packing Room (1155m2) were built in main factory. Total extended up to 4300m2.


The two latest Non-staple MD Packing Machines were installed.


Qualified for ISO 22000 in OCTORBER.



Manufacturing Process

The raw materials such as tea leaves or barley is mixed in hot water to allow nutrient retrieval. Through several stages, the preparation is refined into remove the remaining tea leaf debris / husks from the raw material.

Then, the tea preparation is further concentrated before the final process of spray drying and finally collected for granulation or packing.

Granulation Process

The granulation process takes place in a Granulation Area. This process is to obtain an ideal particle size suitable for tea preparation for the end-user product specification.


The packing of tea products is performed in the packing room within the Packing Area to ensure the best hygiene and food safety. Each product is examined and packed by personnel to ensure it is in the best quality and condition.

Transportation & Logistics

The transport and logistics of finished goods are carried out by our trusted partners to ensure that the products are delivered to our customers in the best condition.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QAQC)

To ensure that our tea is in the best quality, best condition and safe, our QAQC department has set various parameters at various production checkpoints according to Food Safety and Halal Regulations.